Clark Elementary PTA honors outstanding volunteer service to children by annually awarding the Golden Acorn Award. The winners of this award are individuals who demonstrate exemplary volunteer service that meets the mission of Clark's PTA: to enhance and extend the educational experiences of children at Clark elementary and to promote an inclusive Clark community.

Award winners attend the Issaquah PTSA Council Golden Acorn Awards Reception, receive an award pin, and their names are engraved on the legacy plaque posted at Clark Elementary. Local PTA units also make a contribution in the winner's name to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Foundation, which provides scholarships annually to selected Washington state high school students entering post-secondary education.

Nomination deadlines are in early spring of each year. Nomination forms can be found on the website and in the PTA office.

Past award recipients:

1988 - Jen L Fricke

1989 - Deborah Filips and Jini Fisher

1990 -  Cindy Henderson

1991 - Sue Hanlon

1992 -  Marcia Delabarre and Sheryl Goldsberry

1993 -  Donna Bartholomew and Deb Hill

1994 - Randy Fortenberry and Leigh Hudgins

1995 - Stella Leong and Judy Smith

1996 - Georgia North and Diane Tuttle

1997 -  Ruth Armstrong, Gordy Blume and Molly Blume

1998 -  Trish Bizuk, Peggy Norelius and Joanne Suttmeier

1999 - Suzanne Berger, Nancy Belur and Halina Diebolt

2000 - Steve Haffner, Michelle Haffner, Paula Kaser and Sherry Richardson

2001 - Robin Callahan, Lisa Rogers, Joyce Neufeld and Rosamond Vaughan

2002 - Helen Henry and Steve Henry

2003 - Mary Cordova-Fleisch and Linnea Bruns

2004 - Brin Hamilton

2005 - Terra Galvin, Randy Simms, Vicki Hoffman and Barbara Potts

2006 - Lisa White, Ellen Tinseth and Alison Meryweather

2008 - Laura Bagley and Carrie Stever

2009 - Kristi Darlington, Susan Zantello and Gretchen Dowling

2010 - Kristin Bartholet, Betsy Brewer and Sherry Feiler-Weins

2011 - Kassandra Mitchell and Tracy Silva

2012 - Melia Krohn and Gigi Vazinkhoo

2013 - Traci Burke and Heather Maloney

2014 - Cindy Kelm, Tina Ellis

2015 - Heidi Fuhs, Amy Hansen and Heather Bratton